50 Uses For The Word Love Podcast

Ep. 14: “Patriotism” with Greg Lock.

May 27, 2019

Our fourteenth episode arrives the morning after the European elections, so why not drown your sorrows with Steve and his best buddy Greg Lock. With fresh passport in hand, Greg provides us with a comprehensive unpacking of the polarising pageantry of "Patriotism". Is love for one's country an antiquated notion? Is it something we're born into, or learned? Are there things to be proud of in a nation infamous for its problematic past? What bitter disagreements could cause a nation to fall out of love with itself? And how does our patriotism ebb and flow during our lifetimes; as we negotiate the choppy waters of family, history, and our own identity?

Greg Lock met Steve at The Arts University College At Bournemouth, where they both studied filmmaking and later lived together. Whilst still a keen filmmaker, writer and artist; Greg decided to follow a life of service as a paramedic in the London Ambulance Service. He operated in the Big Smoke for four years before moving back to his home of Dorset. Recently Greg went on an intense personal journey to discover more about the life of his grandfather, George Lock, who he'd long idolised as a rear-gunner in a Lancaster bomber during World War II. 

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Music composed by John Bowen.

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