50 Uses For The Word Love Podcast

Ep. 12: “Enchantment” with Charlie Vero-Martin.

May 13, 2019

As we enter our twelfth night, Steve sits down with comedy powerhouse Charlie Vero-Martin to weave a magical evening of whiskey, laughs and shortbread. Charlie brings a tenacious initiative and preparation to the table, managing to subvert and also embody: "Enchantment". In a rambling, boozy, giggly, left-field chat, we are transported through time itself; encountering Scottish witches of yesteryear, an alcoholic Eve in the Garden Of Eden, and unwillingly-diagnosed Manic Pixie Dream Girls in present day. Can we really cast a spell with our words? Is being bewitching the highest praise or an excuse to throw blame? Are we truly helpless against the charms of others or are we just passing the buck? Should our love lives be about magical moments or a shared pragmatism? And who the hell is this Baxter guy and why does he look so sad? 

Charlie Vero-Martin is a whip-smart seasoned performer who deals in character comedy, stand-up, acting, improv, sketch, and dance. She is bringing her unique mix of historical character comedy and stand-up back to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival with "Scrapbook". Go see it at The Gilded Balloon, from 31st-25th (not on the 12th), and experience her moxy for yourself.

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Music composed by John Bowen.

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