50 Uses For The Word Love Podcast

Ep. 10: “Narcissism” with Esther Manito.

March 25, 2019

Ten out of ten! Headlining the first "season" of the podcast we have the trailblazing badass that is Esther Manito, who sits down with Steve between school-runs to reflect on "Narcissism". How much do our loved ones really shape the people we become? Our identity, our confidence, even our voice. Is narcissism an exaltation, or the cruelest punishment? Can a narcissist ever really change? And can we forgive someone who hasn't even acknowledged forgiveness is required?

Esther is an Anglo-Lebanese writer and comedian, hailed for her dry observational style and candid material. She's routinely graced the finals of numerous competitions, notably Funny Women and So You Think You're Funny 2017. In July 2018, she made history as the first woman to perform comedy at the Dubai Opera House as part of Arts Canteen's "Arabs Are Not Funny" night. This year Esther is waging her hour-long debut show "Crusade", in which she takes on motherhood, nationalism, identity and family. The show is coming to Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festival, so clear a path! Next preview is 16th April at the Love Shack in Bethnal Green.

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